Covid-19 Exercise

Exercise during lockdown

Gordon Best

Keeping your exercise going during the lockdown is important.  It helps recovery and it reduces the risk of recurrence.

All of the exercise classes in venues around the county are closed at present.

Zoom classes are available for some centres – Click Here For Online Classes

Daily exercise routine Cancer Exercise instructor, Gordon Best, has devised a training programme you can do in your own home.     See below

If you can get outdoors, walking this is an excellent form of exercise.  Walk a bit faster for a while to go aerobic for a few minutes.  Invest in an activity watch, or phone app to monitor your exercise level and set yourself some targets to help maintian or grow your fitness.

Just starting?

For people recently diagnosed or wishing to self-refer and join the Cancer Exercise programme go to our Self Referrals Page

Lockdown Exercise Routines

Download our exercise programme sheets (PDF):

Programme 1
Programme 2
Programme 3
Programme 4



3 Min                    Warm Up:           Full Body Mobility Stretches (Concentrate on all major joints)

15 Min                 Routine:              Includes Mobility & Resistance/Strength Exercises

2 Min                    Cool Down:         Including Maintenance Stretches (held for 15-30 sec)

1 WALK/JOG ON SPOT All, Mobility Start slowly, gradually increase knee lift and speed and include arm movement if able.
2 ARM ROTATIONS Upper body, Mobility Make small circles initially, building up to larger ones.  Go forwards for 10 rotations then backwards for 10.  Repeat.
3 SUMO ASSISTED SQUATS Quads, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, lower back Stand with feet over shoulder width apart with toes facing outwards.  Arms out to the front or hold onto a sturdy object for balance and bend at the knees to end up as low as is comfortable.  Lean slightly forward as you go down.  Keep your heels on the floor & slowly return to upright position.  Repeat.
4 SHOVE OFFS Pectorals, shoulders, triceps Stand in front of an elevated surface such as a wall, sturdy desk, mantle or windowsill.  Push off with enough force to return to the standing position.  Sets of 5/10 with short break between.
5 SEATED CYCLING Lower Abs & hip flexors Lie on your back (propped up on your elbows) or sit upright on a sturdy chair.  If on a chair sit to the front of the seat, lean back without touching the back of the chair.  Push your legs forward in a cycling motion one at a time.  Extend your legs as far as you feel comfortable.  Keep the motion slow & controlled.  Rest as appropriate.
6 CRAZY IVANS/RUSSIAN TWISTS Abs, intercostals, obliques Sit upright on the floor or a sturdy chair holding a suitable object such as a wooden spoon or a ball.  Twist so that the spoon/ball touches the floor/chair near your left hip, and then twist the other way.  Twist as much as you can without losing your balance.  Repeat.
7 SIT 2 STAND Quads, glutes, pelvic floor   Sit on a sturdy chair.  Stand up, pushing through your heels & keep hands off knees if possible.  When in the standing position, grip your pelvic floor for 2-3 secs.  Control the descent as slowly as possible to sitting position.  Repeat
8 EXTENDED ARMS SIDE TWISTS Abs, intercostals, obliques As simple as it is effective.  Stand upright or (sit on a sturdy chair if required).  Twist one way then the other with arms extended at shoulder height, twisting at the waist as far as you feel comfortable.  If standing, to reduce pressure on your knees, ensure that when turning to the left; you raise the right heal off the floor and visa versa for the other direction.
9 REVERSE LUNGE & HIGH LEG RAISE Quads, glutes, calves, hip flexors & balance Stand beside a sturdy chair for balance if required.  Stand upright.  Extend one leg as far back as comfortable and touch the floor in a lunging position, then bring the same leg forward and raise it in front as high as possible with a bent knee.  Repeat 5 times, then alternate with the opposite leg.  Maintain a steady rhythm.  Repeat
10 X-PUNCH LADDER Upper body, mobility   Stand upright, feet shoulder width apart.  Use small hand weights if able.  Punch to the left with the right hand and the right with the other for 10 secs then rest for 10.  Repeat for 20 & 30 secs with 10 secs between each of the exercising bouts, twisting at the waist as far as possible maintaining balance.  Repeat
11 BALANCE EXERCISES VARIOUS Improve overall balance   TANDEM STAND:  Stand one foot behind the other/Alternate HEAL 2 TOE WALK:  Move back foot to the front & continue FLAMINGO STAND:  Stand on one leg/Alternate
12 KICK & CLAP Hips, thighs & co-ordination Stand upright or sit on a sturdy chair.  Alternate kicking one leg at a time to the front.  When each leg is at its highest clap your hands behind the knee.  Speed up if able.  Repeat
13 FRONT & LATERAL RAISES Shoulder strength, Hip mobility & Coordination Use small weights/tins of beans/filled water bottles:  Standing or sitting.  Raise 1 arm slowly from your side up to the horizontal and the other to the front, bring back to the starting position & alternate.  At the same time move one leg to the side in time with the sideways moving arm. Stay in control.  Repeat
14 TOE TAPS Balance & Hip Mobility Stand upright/Hold onto a work surface or sturdy chair for balance if required.  Lift one leg up and touch your toes with the opposite hand if possible.  Stretch other hand above your head. Alternate legs & hands.  Repeat
15 MEDLEY RELAY Upper body, mobility Mimic swimming actions with arms (back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly & front crawl).  Try and use slow, full Range of Movement actions initially, speeding up as you improve mobility.  Complete 10 repetitions before changing to the next stroke.  Repeat.