Exercise and Cancer

Being physically active also helps to prevent, minimise and manage the consequences of treatment such as fatigue, pain, anxiety and depression.  It is safe both during cancer treatment and for rehabilitation afterwards and may also be appropriate for patients to improve fitness before treatment.

Source: Public Health England

These cancer exercise sessions are developed and delivered by qualified exercise professionals. The instructors  have attended specific Cancer Rehab training  so are able to facilitate exercise sessions which can aid your cancer journey wherever you may be in it. 

Cancer exercise is suitable for people who might have just been diagnosed, going through treatment or  have just finished treatment. You need to be over 18 to attend the classes and they are suitable for any level of fitness.

In Gloucestershire we have a wide range of exercise options, such as  yoga, tai chi, and gym sessions  available at facilities across the county including gyms and sports centres.

There is no need to feel that you already have to be fit to attend.  For many of the people this is their first experience of using such a facility.

If a gym, doesn’t sound quite your kind of thing, then take a look at the walking opportunities.  

Take a look at all of the Cancer Exercise sessions available…

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